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The final strand of Growing Esteem’s triple helix is engagement, encompassing interaction between the University and wider society. Engagement enhances scholarship and research, prepares educated and engaged citizens, enriches cultural and community life, elevates public awareness, and promotes critical enquiry and public debate within the community. It includes knowledge partnerships, public programs, industry engagement, alumni interaction, advancement activities and international programs.

With the increasingly global nature of higher education, the University’s international strategy is a strong focus. The University is continually extending its international character and global scholarly excellence through partnerships and bilateral agreements with international universities and organisations, encouraging research collaboration and student and staff mobility.

Knowledge partnerships are interactions between the University and external groups or individuals that promote growth, communication and use of knowledge. They are intricately connected to research and learning and teaching activities, and are essential to ensuring the University’s public-spirited character.  Melbourne has expanded and will continue to expand the scope and volume of knowledge partnerships, while promoting continued excellence in these activities.

The University values its alumni, regarding the relationship with students as a lifetime connection. Alumni connection has expanded significantly in recent years, and there is opportunity to further enhance opportunity for alumni participation – as advisors on governance and courses, as mentors and supporters of students, and as contributors to debate and discussion.

Advancement is a core element of engagement, providing crucial support to research excellence, to infrastructure development, to student scholarships and to discipline chairs.  The University continues to expand its advancement activities, and remains tremendously thankful for the generosity of its many donors.

The engagement portfolio is the responsibility of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement), with support from the Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), the Vice Principal (Advancement), and the Melbourne Engagement and Partnerships Office.

More information about the University’s engagement strategy and activities can be found on the Engagement

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