Office of the Vice-ChancellorGrowing Esteem

Enabling the Triple Helix

The University relies on its staff, infrastructure, policies, administration and planning to achieve the three strands of the triple helix and the overall goals of Growing Esteem.

Changes to the structure and administrative processes of the University have resulted from the implementation of Growing Esteem.  Financial and administrative challenges have been managed carefully to protect the progress of the overall strategy.  To become one of the finest universities in the world, the University requires effective management, systematic evaluation and a willingness to move resources in response to performance and potential. The University will continue to pursue an administrative philosophy based on the concept of subsidiarity – decisions are aligned with overall goals but made with close reference to service delivery and those people most affected.

The University is fortunate to have talented staff who share its vision and embrace the complexity of administering an institution like Melbourne. Acquiring and retaining the best staff remains a priority. Recruitment is geared towards obtaining an ideal staff profile for achieving the University’s goals, while effective performance management is in place to monitor and reward performance and ensure excellence.

The University’s administration is the responsibility of the Senior Vice-Principal .

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