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About the University's strategy

Since 2005 the University has committed itself to the Growing Esteem strategy, drawing from its traditional motto postera crescam laude: ‘to grow in the esteem of future generations’.  The strategy is characterised by a triple helix of three tightly bound strands: research, learning and teaching, and engagement.  The metaphor of the helix is central, as each strand shapes and reinforces the other while remaining sharply focussed and valued in its own right.

The first strand – research – is crucial to the University’s mission to accumulate and disseminate knowledge. The University places emphasis on strength and depth of research across and between disciplines. This commitment is central to Melbourne’s successful performance in international rankings and national benchmarking measures.

The second strand – learning and teaching – revolves around the Melbourne Curriculum at undergraduate, graduate and research higher degree levels. Learning at the University is characterised by six broad undergraduate degrees, which prepare graduates for further study or entry into the workforce.  At the graduate level, students may choose from a wide array of specialised professional graduate programs or enter into a research higher degree.

The final strand – engagement – encompasses interaction between the University and the wider community at local, national and international levels. This includes knowledge partnerships, international programs, interactions with alumni and advancement activities, and is crucial to the University’s public-spirited and internationally-engaged character.

These three strands of the helix are importantly supported and enabled  by our people, infrastructure, polices, planning, administration and resources.

In 2009 an extensive consultation process set out to refine the strategy expounded in 2005. The resulting document, Growing Esteem 2010 describes how the University intends to further its mission to be a public-spirited and internationally-engaged institution, one of the finest universities in the world.

Further information about the history and advancement of the strategy can be found at Developing our Strategy.



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